Subproject 3 “Construction of the new Border Crossing Check Point Dimario –Rudozem”, implemented by Regional Administration of Smolyan (BG).

Construction of the new border-crossing Dimario-Rudozem and the access road.

Objectives of the subproject are:

 Construction of the new Border Crossing Check Point Dimario (BCCP) Dimario-Rudozem and the access road which are of a great economic importance for both countries. It executes the Agreement between the government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the government of the Greek Republic to open three new border checkpoints and road links between the two countries.

Expected results are:

 The operation of the border checkpoint Rudozem - Xanthi will be crucial for the population on both sides of the border. It is expected to provide more efficient access to Greek summer resorts and to ski resorts in Pamporovo. This will allow for joint tourist packages.

Expected outputs:

 Development, approval and construction of the new Master Plan for BCCP Rudozem - Xanthi